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Our team consists of highly experienced specialists of digital, security and forensics professionals as well as qualified legal practitioners

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RAS has a well-known reputation as one of the leading institutions in business and digital forensics and fraud investigations with numerous experiences in security-based digital work of scope.

The digital age has virtually embrace almost every human beings in this planet. While the same applies to companies, corporations and organizations globally as well, yet the consequences for all these institutions are much more critical.

It is not a secret nowadays that misconduct, unethical wrongdoing, breach and theft are getting convolutedly intertwined with high technology. That is why it is significantly vital for every business entities and institutions to take into account a competency in both technological and legal proficiency. Or, one may simply seeking professional help and assistance for this matter.









We provide services related to forensic activities in the company's operational activities and law enforcement.

Business Forensic

To stay ahead of the nature of business forensics that is growing significantly important at the present time, RAS has masterfully adept to identify, resolve, and prevent fraudulent corporate and business practices as well as communicate fraud findings. All in all in order to maintain high standards of business ethics.

RAS provide a vast range of services in the scope of business forensics i.e. detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, mitigate risk and monitor operations & services, profiling from both internal and external information sources, and conducting unique transaction profiling mechanism just to name a few.

Digital Forensic

As digital aspect now involves in nearly all parts if our life, the need for having digital forensics service has skyrocketing year after year. RAS deeply comprehend on how importance this matter really is, and has consistently and competently demonstrate strong track record in the scope of digital forensics.

To assist individuals as well as institutions in investigation and recovery of material found in digital devices, RAS provide a full service of identify, preserve, analyze, and present relevant digital evidence, computer forensic imaging and digital investigations, fraud investigative response, and recovering damaged and/or deleted data among other things.

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RAS is here to provide help and assistance should you or your institutions encounter conditions and challenges in the scope of security, digital and legal areas. Our executive representative will be more than happy to accommodate your inquiries.

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Product Implementation

Product Implementation

For any kind of project that we work on, we can create some products to help our clients increase their productivity

  • All
  • Input Tools
  • Visualization Dashboard
  • Security and Monitoring

Web Based Input Tools

Input Tools that work on browser

Security Information and Event Monitoring

This dashboard can help our clients monitor their network and infrastructure

Mobile App

Input Tools that work on Android & iOS

Mobile App

Visualization Dashboard that works on both Android & iOS

Data Security

This implementation can help improve data security in the existing environment

Secure Input Tools

Customizable Login & Registration Module

Web Based

Visualization Dashboard that works on browsers

Data Integration

Additional Module to help any external data can be analyzied and visualized on the dashboard

Data Security

This implementation can help improve data security in the existing environment



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